Pink and Padparadscha Sapphire

SAPPHIRE - from the Latin word meaning blue, the birthstone for September. Pink sapphires are available in many shades and tones, from light, delicate pink, to an intense hot pink and all different shades of pink in between. Next to diamond, sapphire and ruby (both corundum) is the hardest mineral known and is very compact and dense. As a result, sapphires are tough and relatively scratch-resistant. That's why, in addition to their beauty, sapphires and rubies are two of the best jewelry stones.
The most valuable fancy color sapphire (and the rarest) is called "Padparadscha" (Sinhalese for "lotus blossom") and has a blend of orange and pink. Natural padparadscha sapphires sell at a premium, nearing the price for a very fine blue sapphire. Although the exact color description is debated, the beauty of these rare gemstones  with their delicate blended pink and orange shades is universally esteemed. On this page you will find a number of current pink and, when available, "Padparadscha" color sapphires selected from our stock for gem presentation.

NOTE: Stones on this page were photographed under 5000 Kelvin "daylight" lighting. For maximum color accuracy, descriptions were made in north-facing natural daylight, indoors, between 11am-2pm, at 32.89°N latitude.
COLOR: Wherever possible, a similar Pantone Color Card number has been used, NOT the Pantone colors online, which necessarily use RGB approximations, are grayer, and not at all the same. Since color is so subjective to lighting conditions, and daylight is in turn subjective to location, descriptions and pictures are intended to give a general idea of actual color. To know what these stones really look like, there is no substitute for seeing them in person.