Yellow and Green Zircon

ZIRCON - Zircon is regarded as the traditional birthstone for December. In the middle ages, zircon was said to aid sleep, bring prosperity, and promote honor and wisdom in its owner. The name probably comes from the Persian word zargun which means "gold-colored." The fiery, brilliance of zircon can rival any gemstone. Zircon is one of the heaviest gemstones, which means that it will weigh more than other stones with the same measurements. Natural zircon today suffers on account of the similarity of its name to "cubic zirconia", the laboratory-grown diamond imitation. NOT the same stone! Many people are unaware that there is a beautiful natural gemstone called zircon. The wide variety of colors of zircon , its rarity, beauty, and its affordability make it a popular collector's stone and contributes to its growing popularity among jewelry designers and gem lovers.
Note: Green has always been the hardest color for us to capture digitally. Please use the pictures as a reference, but note the description of the color as well.

NOTE: Stones on this page were photographed under 5000 Kelvin "daylight" lighting. For maximum color accuracy, descriptions were made in north-facing natural daylight, indoors, between 11am-2pm, at 32.89°N latitude.
COLOR: Wherever possible, a similar Pantone Color Card number has been used, NOT the Pantone colors online, which necessarily use RGB approximations, are grayer, and not at all the same. Since color is so subjective to lighting conditions, and daylight is in turn subjective to location, descriptions and pictures are intended to give a general idea of actual color. To know what these stones really look like, there is no substitute for seeing them in person.