Hi Laura,
The spinels arrived and are beautiful! I am especially loving the “X”, what a gorgeous cut to go with such amazing, interesting color.  The — is beautiful too, albeit in a quieter way. However, I would like to return it as the “X” has stolen my heart for sure. Could you let me know how to proceed?
Thank you!
Lisa K., New Hampshire

Hi Laura.
The Spinel is just beautiful, exactly what I wanted.  Its a keeper.  Now I have to get the stone set.
Please send me the certificate of authenticity.  It does change colors in different windows of the house in the daylight–and they are all beautiful shades of pink.  Thanks.
Shawnee L.

Hi Laura,
Thank you for the package that arrived safely. We are really pleased with the stone and particularly love the colour.
Thanks for your help.
Hils G., UK

Hello Laura
I received the sapphire and I am pleased.
Randy R., Tennesee

Definitely keeping the stone! It is beautiful!
Jason M., South Carolina

Hi Laura,
The sapphire is absolutely gorgeous! I’ll send you a picture once I have it in a setting.
Thanks so much!
Sarah H., Santa Clarita, CA

Hello! I received my Sapphire yesterday. I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you so much. As I was looking at your website at the comments of previous customers, and I saw that some of them mentioned a certificate of authenticity. Is that something I should have, or can receive with my Sapphire? I will not be returning it; I am absolutely in love with it. Thank you.
Jasmine R.,Flagstaff, AZ

Update: Andrew & Laura,
Here are a couple of photos with my Sapphire set in my ring. It turned out so beautifully. I plan to add some better photos to the Pinterest page when I have time. I am a photographer, so I can definitely get better photos than these, but I couldn’t wait to show you! I am just stunned at how different the sapphire looks in different lighting. It really blows my mind- I love it. In natural light, it’s a beautiful light blue. Under incandescent, its silver, and under fluorescent, its periwinkle. It is weird in the most wonderful way. And the cut is definitely something to rave about. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. I don’t think I’ll ever need or want a different sapphire than this one, but if I do, I’ll be coming to you. Thank you!
Jasmine R.,Flagstaff, AZ

We have fallen in love with the (Montana sapphire). I greatly appreciate your dedication and cooperation. I hope Comic-Con has cleared the streets and garage so you guys can continue doing your wonderful work.
Best Regards,
Darryl F., Louisiana

Hi Laura,
Just let you know that I received the package which was well packaged. The yellow sapphire is gorgeous and it’s exactly what I expected. I am very happy about my purchase. Thank you.
Wen W., California

Thanks again for all your help. All three of the stones were dazzling but we finally decided on the cushion. Please let me know how you would like the other two returned.
Thank You,
Luke S., Madison, WI

Thank you for your service, got them today and boy do they look great, do you have any extra info on them other than what i read on your page, i guess like a gemology data sheet on them, I bought #—- and #—-. any other info would be great and again thank you,
Bryan S., Mississippi

Hi Laura,
I apologize for the delayed reply.  The aquamarine is very pretty.  I will be keeping it.  :)
I will send a picture after I have set it.  Take care and thank you to both you and Andrew!
Best regards,
Rachel L., California

My name is Josh R. I purchased a Montana Sapphire from you in April of ’14 that was made into an engagement ring which I proposed with the following June. I’m not sure if our previous email thread will be seen by you here so I wanted to give a little history. I had a great buying experience with you. My wife (now) has loved her ring from the first time she laid eyes on it.  It occurred to me not long ago that I never sent you pictures of the ring as I intended…
Take care.

… thank you so much!! I’ll attach a photo of the ring. My little photo-taking spot has only one indirect light source, so unfortunately the stone doesn’t photograph here as well as it looks normally. It looks really great and the color stands out the best outdoors in a shady spot :)
Cheyenne W., Oregon

Hello Andrew and Laura,
I have great news!!! We were engaged in November… and the ring is just BEAUTIFUL with your stone! I get so many compliments about its unique qualities. I have sent many friends to check out your site! We had a local jeweler here in Philadelphia create the final piece. D., my fiance, designed the ring with the idea in mind to have a more traditional design with an “untraditional” stone (ie: not diamond). It is just perfect and I wanted to thank you both for your quality, craftsmanship, and help in getting the right stone.
Attached are some photos.
Thank you again, and Happy New Year to you both!
A.K.F., Pennsylvania

Hi Laura,
Here’s a photo of my finished ring. We are in love with it! It feels like a mood ring the way it’s constantly changing colors :)
I’ll send more photos if/when I get some other good ones. I think Ken & Dana Design do a professional one so I’ll ask for that to pass along.
Ginger M., Hawaii

Hi there,
I know it’s been some time since we purchased our stone, but we just got engaged and I am thrilled with my ring! I am getting so many compliments on the unique color of my sapphire and I couldn’t be happier!
Thought I would share (not a perfect photo so bear with me).
Thanks again for the excellent customer service and beautifully cut stone!
Bryn S., Colorado

I just wanted to send you photos of the beautiful stones that we bought from your store in the finished custom settings!!  Thank you so much for all of your help in the process of buying these stones.  Buying online can be a bit nerve racking, but you guys made it so easy!  Enjoy the photos!
Olivia P., Florida

Hi Laura,
I meant to email you earlier this week.  I received the sapphire last Friday and like it very much.  It is very pretty and I intend on keeping it.  If you could send the certificate of authenticity that would be greatly appreciated…I do intend on purchasing again in the future. .. We may possibly be in the San Diego area in the next month or two for business.  If so, we will try to come by.
Thank you again,
Rachel L., California

I wanted to thank you for your help and let you know that I loved the sapphire and love the way everything turned out and my fiance loves her engagement ring!  I attached a couple pictures of the stone in the final setting in case you guys are interested in seeing them.
Thanks very much,
Justin J., Texas

Love the stone!
Can’t wait  to get it set.
Thank you again,
George H., Evans, GA

Thank you. Its a beautiful gem. LOVE IT! Cut is spectacular, my GIA friends here had a lot of praise for it. I just had it set it a platinum halo split shank engagement ring, i will be sure to send a photo to you guys when i have it professionally photographed tomorrow.
Thank you :D
Ryan, Washington

Dear Andrew
You may not remember me, but as I promised, I am enclosing pictures of the engagement ring I had made from the beautiful sapphire I purchased from you. I had a custom ring designed by Anaheim Hills Jewelry. The pictures do not do it justice. The ring turned out to be perfect. My wife treasures it as the most unique and special thing she owns. It could not have been possible without your patience and guidance.
Thank you!
Michael and Anna

Laura, the spinels are so much brighter than I expected! They’re beautiful. I am keeping them. Please send me the Certificate of Authenticity.
Thank you!
Maria S.

Hi again!
I wanted you to know that we absolutely love the teal oval sapphire!  I can’t wait to see it in whatever beautiful setting he picks out.  I’ll be happy to send pics, I’m sure it’ll be amazing! :)
Bryn S., Colorado

Hi Andrew
I received my engagement ring yesterday made with Montana Sapphire (X). It’s absolutely stunning. (Pictures attached)
Thank you for offering such beautiful stones.
Shannon L.

Hello Andrew,
Thank you for a great experience buying the sapphire. I very much appreciate the time you took with someone new to purchasing a quality gemstone. You were very helpful and patient. Take care. I would definitely purchase from you again! Time to start saving!
Todd C

My name is Shane B. I recently purchased a sapphire off you for an engagement ring and I just wanted to say thank you for the service and it turned out beautifully and I will recommend you every time and my jeweler was very impressed…. thank you so much
-Uniondale, PA

Hey Laura,
Yes, it’s perfect. Thanks to you and Andrew for all your help!
Cody R.
Seattle, WA

Thank you for the reply! I received my ring today, and I think that the stone looks stunning. I’ve attached a few pictures so you can see what I ended up doing with it! (Pictures Attached)
Amber N., Pennsylvania

We love it!
Jamie C.

I purchased a gem from you last month and just wanted to say thank you for the great service and amazing sapphire we got from you. I won’t hesitate to make another purchase from you in the future!
Thanks again,
Ben and Kerry

Dear Laura and Andrew
Thank you so much for all the help. The sapphire is simply stunning and I really can’t stop looking at it. I just really wanted to thank you for helping me make this very important purchase. Hope you guys have a great week.
Radha, Michigan

Dear Laura,
I just wanted to let you know that I will be keeping the Montana sapphire that you sent last week,   you were right that it took a few days (and different lighting conditions) to reveal itself and it’s just lovely! Thank you very much for all of your help.
Best regards,
Adrienne C., Michigan

I love, love, love, love it!!!  I was kind of a wreck about ordering something like this without seeing it but it is gorgeous.  My husband will be happy when I get it put into a setting as I walk around the house with that little plastic box and look at is in different light.  I’ve never been a big jewelry person but I think I have caught the Bling Bug after looking at it.  Years ago I saw a beautiful (and VERY expensive sapphire) in a jewelry store and I never thought I would own one anything like it.  Well now I do!!!
Thank you!
Karen S., Massachusetts
Andrew & Laura,  The sapphire has finally been set!  I didn’t want anything too fancy and I wanted the beautiful sapphire to be the star of the show and it is.  Thanks for helping to make my dream come true!

Hi Laura,
My package arrived today.  Thanks very much for dealing with that so promptly.  Opal looks fantastic.  Off to the jewelers I go.
Interestingly massive packaging around such a tiny item.  Had quite a laugh when I saw the box.
M.K.H., Australia

My wife loves the ring I made with your stone, the local jeweler was in awe! Here is a photo taken outside on a sunny day! Thanks again!
David W., Akron, OH

I just wanted to tell you how much I love my stone.  Scott took it to a jeweler and I am enclosing a picture of the finished ring.
Thank you so much and we love your stones.  You will be hearing from us again in the future
Scott and Stacey W.

My fiance and I wanted to share our completed ring which has the montana sapphire gemstone we purchased from  you in June 2015.   We ended up using Green lake Jewelry works in Seattle to make our ring and they highlighted our ring as one of the most unique engagement rings they did in 2015.
We are very pleased with gemfix and we have absolutely been recommending you by name to anyone we speak to about the ring.  We even had a different custom jeweler who insisted on looking for a gem and they couldn’t find anything like what you offer.   Much appreciate the work you do and we wish you all the best.
Best Regards,
Tristan E., Tennessee

Hi Laura!
Just wanted to let you know that I received my stone yesterday!  I absolutely LOVE it! It’s exactly what I was looking for.  I’m having so much fun “getting to know it” in different light scenarios! Just wanted to thank you for your amazing service and cooperation.  I will send over some shots of it in the setting when it’s finished if you’d like! Also, if you would like me to post any reviews/testimonials anywhere, I’d be more than happy to!
Thanks again! Warmest Regards,
Will F., Ohio

 Hi Andrew,
Just wanted to let you know that we have received the pink tourmaline. It looks fantastic!
Thanks again for your help. Regards,
Doug N., Nevada

Hi Andrew,
I wanted to thank you for the sapphire that I purchased from you two weeks ago, I proposed to my fiance last weekend and she absolutely loved the ring. You are very talented at your profession and have an excellent collection of stones. Here is a photo attached from my proposal
Charles S.

Hey Andrew,
Thanks again for your help selecting the ruby. You mentioned that you don’t always get to see the final product, so here it is. The ruby looks fantastic in the setting and really takes on a lot of character depending on the light and the angle. She said yes! (Definitely thanks to this beautiful ring!) Cheers,
Steve T., New York

Hi Andrew and Laura,
If you will give me an RA number I’ve decided to send back the Ceylon sapphire and just keep the Montana.  Ultimately, I love that I can be by the window and the Montana is a deep blue…and then walk under incandescent and it is almost icy sky blue and finally walk under florescent and see violet.  It’s awesome!  Many thanks for your input on the phone, Andrew.  You time and insight were helpful and much appreciated.  Thanks!
James P., Florida

Hi Andrew,
I received the stone today in the mail and got to inspect it at home this evening. Looks beautiful, and the cut is the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the quick shipping. If I want another Montana sapphire, I’ll definitely be headed your way.
Dan B., Michigan

Dear Laura and Andrew,
The spinel arrived today. It is lovely. I shall be keeping it. Thank you
Roger N., New York

Hello Laura & Andrew,
Wow!  This stone is gorgeous.  Thank you for cutting it and marketing it.  Because you did both so well, I received a center stone for my daughter’s wedding necklace that matches the side oval aquas cut from old Vietamese rough.  How grand is that?  I like to think these stones were fated for this project, along with six small but quite lively
benitoites. Thanks for making my day.  It has been a pleasure to do business with you.
Best regards,
Kaye B., North Carolina

Oh, Andrew! I could not be happier with this stone. It is fabulous. Fabulous. It goes from indigo outdoors to teal to a dark grey-purple in indirect light. For real. Maybe that is a function of the setting. ? Hard to see on a photo.
Here are some pictures. I tried to get a few personalities. As was with the last MT sapphire, it really glitters in low light, but that is hard to get a pic of, too.  Hope you had a great holiday and have a great 2015!
Jessica S., Missouri

Just a quick note to say we are extremely happy with the garnet we purchased below. Thank you for such a smooth transaction and also the clear explanation of your return policy. I’m sure we’ll look to you first for any future needs.
Thank you,
Brandon C., Washington

Hi Laura,
How are you? Some time ago I bought a rubellite from your website. The stone has now been sent and I have been wearing it since last Thursday. The stone is gorgeous in real life! It has been a good experience working with you and I am happy with the outcome.
M. S., Netherlands

Hi Laura,
You’ve been so helpful, i wanted to send you a picture of the stone we purchased from you a couple of months ago. My now fiance proposed last week while we were on vacation in Monterey, California. It was a complete surprise.
Here are pictures of the ring. Its set in a simple 6 prong platinum setting, exactly what i wanted. so far, i’ve seen sky blue, marine blue, periwinkle, silver, light green, and its only been 5 days!  Thank you again for all your help. I look forward to wearing the stone Andrew cut for a lifetime. It matches my personality and style perfectly.
Take care and all the best to you!

Hi Laura,
My sister and her boyfriend love the stone! It is a gorgeous color and they couldn’t be happier with it.
Thank you so much for all of your help, they and I really appreciate it. Thank you again,
Stephanie S., New Jersey

Hi Laura,
My boyfriend was on a business trip all week so i had to wait until he got home to open the package fedex package. Let me tell you, i met the fed-ex guy before he could ring the doorbell and this package has been staring me down day… it was so hard to wait! we just opened the box, together, and WOW!! its all i can say. these are both the most beautiful stones i have ever seen. i will definitely be picking one, i just dont know which! its amazing how much bigger of a face the round stone seems to have and its color shift is remarkable. the round is T.s favorite. i am partial to the color of the cushion but the sparkle and shape of the round cannot be beat. I would be more than thrilled with either and he will have the final pick. the stones are flawless – i read on your site that VVS is eye clean 8-12inches but i swear, i brought these as close to my eyes as i could get them and i cant see a single flaw in either! Im gushing but they are both simply stunning. i am going to keep my eyes peeled on them both for the next couple of days but we are leaning toward the round. you were right!  just wanted to say thanks and these are better than expected. Andrew is truly talented!!
Have a great holiday weekend
R.Z., Florida

I meant to send you a note a long time ago, but things got busy. Obviously I kept the stone. I really loved it, got a very nice custom setting for it, and the engagement was a big success! I just wanted to thank you for your help making sure I picked the right stone. I really felt confident ordering from Gemfix and I was not disappointed in the result.
John H., Illinois

Hi Laura,
I like the sapphire very much!
Indeed it’s flashy and bright in the daylight. Indoors it’s more like the Pantone card. I’m glad it is.
The photos on my screen were nowhere near.
Best regards,
Damian F., EU

I think today is the last day of my 7 day inspection period and I just wanted to let you know
this one will not be coming back to you – I love it!  It’s the whole package for me and is going to be perfect
for the project I’m working on. I am just so, so glad the timing all worked out, thanks so much for your help!
Take care,
Laura K., Arkansas

I am very pleased with both the gems I received from you and will be keeping them…so mark them “sold”.
Dorothy D., Wisconsin

Laura, I cannot bear to part with this one!  I’m going to keep it!  It is so sparkly and pretty blue, and made the USA.  It’s going to make a great ring!  Thank you!  It’s been fun trying to decide (hmm would buy them all for a different reason – color, shape, spark, brilliance, undertone, ‘something different’) – I could go on and on.  I enjoyed shopping the other stones and products, too – exceptional quality and big fun factor.
Thanks for the way you handle your business.  I’ve had great service.  I’m going to enjoy answering “It’s a Montana Sapphire” to all the queries I’m going to get and directing them to Gemfix.  Now to the setting – where to start?!
Freda C., Illinois

I just wanted to let you know that the spinel was exactly what I was hoping for with the lightest hint of lilac.
I love the brilliance! The spinel has found it’s new home.
Karen, Canada

Hi Laura,
Just want to let you know that I received the spinel a couple of days ago. It’s beautiful!
I love the color, the cut is wonderful, and I’m very pleased.
Thank you very much!
Frieda Y., Maryland

Hello, Love the stone and I’ve already sent it off to be set…Thanks!
Zach S., Virgina

Laura and Andrew,
Hi there. I just wanted to send a quick reply to say thanks again! I couldn’t be happier with the stone. I took it straight to the jeweler and we designed the ring. Upon showing her the stone, she was blown away. Her admiration of the beauty of stone and cut really made me feel that much better about my decision. I passed your info on to her, as she now wants her own stone from you! Also, I wanted to express how great it was to meet you (Andrew), and your adorable daughter. Talking with you was so pleasant and I walked away feeling educated at the same time. I felt I could have talked to you for hours. You were so helpful and I cant express how comfortable and easy you made the purchase and for that I thank you!  As I mentioned, the ring is in the works as we speak and I cant wait to send you pictures of the finished product. It will no doubt be very beautiful!  I hope this message finds you well. Look for pictures of the ring in about a month. Until then, take care.
Josh R., California

Thank you Laura
I think it is a wonderful gemstone.
Please send the gem certificate
Jay V., Georgia

Hi Andrew and Laura,
We are so pleased to have received and looked over the stones. We decided to keep the (X) sapphire. Can you please provide a return authorization for the other two stones and we will send those back right away.
Thank you for the great stones and flexibility to allow us the view the stones to pick from. We are very excited over the unique character of this blue and purple sapphire and can’t wait to see it in the ring. We will send a picture afterwards.
Thank you,
J. and L., Washington, D.C.

I have received the sapphire today. It is beautifully cut. I am happy with it.
Can you send me please the Certificate of Authenticity.
Thank you
Gregg M., UK

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to let you know the aquamarines arrived this morning (they had a short wait in customs and then for a suitable delivery day!). I am very happy with them, they are exactly as I expected. I am now looking forward to having them set as earrings. Many thanks for an easy transaction,
Best wishes,
Jill D., U.K.

Hi Andrew and Laura,
My Montana sapphire arrived this morning and it is gorgeous!  The photo was pretty but in person the stone is so much lovelier.  I love the color, and I am pretty picky about color.  The cut is perfect (it has so much sparkle and life) and really sets off the stone beautifully.  I’d been checking your site for quite a while, and when this stone was posted, I had a feeling that it was just the one I’d been searching for.   Needless to say, please mark the stone SOLD!
Thank you so much!
Virginia S., Maryland

Andrew is excellent and I enjoy buying gems from him. I bought some rubies from him and will come back from some sapphires (pink and purple). He is wonderful, knowledgeable, and a nice person. He let me take my time to decide on the stones and presented good options. I am very pleased with the stones I bought and can’t wait to wear them.
Thanks so much for making it so easy to purchase high quality stones. I love that the prices are on the site as it makes the whole process so transparent.
A. V., San Diego

The stone is beautiful!  Now I will start to think of a setting design!
Janice T., Durham, North Carolina

Thanks so much Laura!
My experience with you and Andrew had been very pleasant and I wouldn’t hesitate
recommending Gemfix to my friends :)
Arthur C. Chicago Ill

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the Aquamarine I purchased in December. I took the stone with some white gold I have and a photo of a setting I like to a jeweler and artisan in Cozumel, Mexico. He has made a ring for me, a tension setting that allows your cut of this stone to dazzle the eye! The color is always changing from a blue with violet and turquoise to a sky & water blue. I could not be happier with the ring, your cut and his setting are in perfect balance. I was after a ring that would remind me of the turquoise waters I love in Mexico when I am in Illinois, I now have that ring! Thank you, your work is appreciated!
Diana M., Illinois

Andrew & Laura–first, let me say that your web site and photos are a great representation of your gemstones.  I was very pleased that the stones look as great in person as they do on line.   I have chosen the two stones I am keeping and wish to return the three I don’t need… I await your RA# and then will get these 3 stones back to you.
Thank you for your great service and your beautiful, quality stones.
Kind regards,
Pam M., Connecticut

I placed an order for three sapphires last week. I am very happy to say that I will be keeping one for my fiancee’s engagement ring! The novel effervescent cut of Andrew’s sapphires is what won me over me.
It’s no exaggeration to say that his stones have a brilliant heart. Thank you!
Lee S., San Francisco

it arrived today, and I love it. So does my fiance and the jeweler we took it to today. Beautiful stone,
and a great value. I can’t wait to get it set as my engagement ring. Thank you so much!
Beth J. Baltimore, MD

Hello Laura.  The sapphire is beautiful.    It’s a keeper.  I am very happy with the color and
the cutting is excellent.  I expected it would be.  Thank you very much.
Mike B., Augusta GA

We received the stone today and are very pleased with it – couldn’t be happier with the choice we made.
We appreciate the quality and beauty of it and look forward to having it set.
Thanks so much for excellent service and for a gorgeous stone!
Patricia & David, Alabama

Hello –
I finally got my ring back and my spinel is mounted in a beautiful setting.
I love this gem – absolutely STUNNING!!!
Thank you,
Melissa M., Massachusetts

I just wanted to let you know that the spinel arrived and was a big hit with the wife. Color and clarity were great (poor man’s ruby), and the cutting is of course excellent. I will be shopping with you again in the future.
John W., Oklahoma

Hi Laura
Just a big thank-you to yourself and the team and especially Andrew for such a wonderfully cut stone -it’s beautiful!
My daughter absolutely loves it and can’t wait to get it set – and neither can I! Thank-you.
Kind regards
Paul W., UK

I love the sapphire! It’s gorgeous! I sent it to the ring designer today and I think it’s going to be beautiful! Thank you so much for working with me and helping me find the perfect Montana sapphire.
Michelle A., Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hi Laura,
I got the chrysoberyl. Wow, my jaw dropped when I opened the package! It is one pretty stone! I love the delicate color and how lively it is. The Portuguese cut is spectacular. It’s definitely a keeper. You can mark it as sold.
Thank you very much!
Debby S., California

I received the blue zircon I love it thank you so much
Kim C., Pennsylvania

Laura & Andrew:
The stones arrived Tuesday.
You can’t have them back, so you might as well list them “SOLD”! The 6 stones I have purchased from you are all spectacular. The cutting is as close to perfection as I have seen. The Mali garnet is truly a treasure.
Thank you.
-David B., Massachusetts

I just picked it up and I LOVE it!!! Already have my eye on another one of your stones, and as soon as the gem fund has been replenished I’ll be in touch again. Thank you!!!
Kelli G., Florida

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to thank you guys again – just gave the ring to my wife and she loved it. Of course, the sapphire totally steals the show, even though the ring came out really nice as well – see below. (Picture)
Regards, Miro, Massachusetts

Hello again Andrew!
J- and I bought a Montana Sapphire a few months ago from you for our engagement ring and are very happy with it. I was hoping to get J- a matching earring set for a wedding present from me and I was wondering if you are available this Friday or early next week for me to come by and take a look at what you have.
Thanks so much,
Ryan S., California

Hello –
My spinel has arrived. It came last week but I was away for the holiday. I returned yesterday (Mon) and was able to see it. My mother had taken it in my house for me. The gem is GORGEOUS! It is even prettier than what I had expected & I love it!! We are taking the gem to the jewelry store where my engagement ring was purchased on Thursday
so they can mount it and re-size my ring…Thanks so much for the beautiful gem!
Melissa M., Massachusetts

I love it! I already ordered the setting for it. Thanks, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again :)
Kelli G., Florida

Hi Laura,
I received my andalusite and spinel today.  WOW!!!  They are both gorgeous but the andalusite blew my socks off (as the saying goes).  It has such incredible sparkle and it puts my existing one to shame.  I almost started to cry when I opened the package and saw it.  The spinel is such a hot pink and I see those flashes of red.  It’s quite different from the other one but equally gorgeous.  I guess gemstones are like children – you shouldn’t really compare them to each other as they all have different characteristics. If you could email the certificate of authenticity it would be much appreciate…
Thanks again.  I look forward to my next purchase.
Debbie W., Winnipeg, Canada

I am going to keep the yellow sapphires and return the two red rubies. The yellow sapphires really were so much nicer than I could have expected. Every girl I showed said I should definitely give her them. They seem to be cut so well to really accentuate the beauty of the stone. Can I get a return authorization for the other two?
Thank you,
Ori L., Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I will be keeping the yellow Mali garnet that I purchased a couple of weeks ago.  I love it.  I had been looking at topazolites but decided that the ones I saw were either darker than I wanted or too included for my taste.  While I like the green Mali garnets, I am a sucker for intense yellow stones.  And since you only had one yellow Mali it made my decision easy.  It is by far the nicest yellow garnet that I have.
Catherine S., Arkansas

Hi Andrew,
I just have to let you know how impressed I am with the blue Zircon I purchased the other day.  I wore my ring yesterday & I could not stop looking at the beautiful stone. It is so clean & so much fire that it kept pulling my eye to it!
Especially in the bright sunlight, it is remarkable!
Thanks again & it was very nice meeting you!

A gorgeous stone highlight by fine lapidary work. My new favorite source for a Gem Fix.
Many Thanks for your warm and courteous service,
Carla M., Santa Cruz, CA

Hi Laura,
Sorry for the late reply – we’re in the middle of house renovations right now.  I received the Mali garnets and they’re gorgeous.  The smaller one was for a friend and I gave it to her last week.  She was so touched she almost started crying.  I love the one I purchased for myself.  It has such incredible sparkle.  I’m really impressed with the Galaxy cut.
Until I have it set I’ll just pull it out once in a while and let it twinkle at me from its case. I noticed you have new spessartite garnets listed on your website.  They’re stunning.  I love the bright orange of the mandarin garnets.
I told you I was a garnet freak.
Thanks again.

Dear Gemfix:
I am so pleased with your customer service, that I’m compelled to write.
While the internet is full of faceless merchants more concerned about scalping profits than providing customer service, your business is a rare exception. Your customer service has exceeded my expectations in every way and I will not hesitate to do business with you in the future.
Thanks again,
James Z., Utah

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you so much.  Thanks for looking and finding me the pair of matched blue zircons.
They arrived today are just beautiful. I was worried they would not be the same as the pair that was sold but they are just perfect.
Elisa H., Jacksonville, Florida

I picked up my sapphire from the Post Office yesterday–it’s beautiful! Thank you so much.
I was a little leery if buying a gem online, but I guess I didn’t have anything to worry about.
…Thanks so much for helping my semi-homemade poverty engagement ring become a reality.
Jordan G., Texas
P.S. I know pretty much nothing about gems, but to my eye, Andrew is a masterful cutter–everything about that little sapphire is so precise–it contrasts nicely with the crudeness of my homemade band.

It’s gorgeous, you exceeded my expectations.
I’m sure I’ll be a repeat customer.
John E., Ohio

Hi Laura,
The Andalusite arrived right on time and it is gorgeous!  We couldn’t be happier!
David & Maggie, California

Hi Laura,
Sorry for the late reply.  I was sick for two weeks and completely forgot to get back to you.
The spinel arrived safely and I absolutely love it.  It is such a rich neon colour.
Thank you very much!
Debbie W., Manitoba

Just wanted to thank you again for the sapphire pair and your help with them.  They turned out absolutely beautiful and I gave them to my girlfriend and she loved them.  I honestly couldn’t stop looking at them as the kept catching the light and radiating a really beautiful blue.
Thanks again,
Ethan R., California

Hi Laura and Andrew.
We received the sapphire last Sat.  We LOVE it.  Thank you so much for the wonderful stone.
My girlfriend keeps saying how great the cut looks.   We look forward to doing business with you guys again!
Thanks again,
Aaron J., Texas

Hi Andrew –  I just want to say that my boyfriend surprised me for my birthday with the Mali garnet I had written to you about. It is absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful stone I’ve ever seen. Your talent is impressive, so thank you!
Very best,
Justine, New York

Hi Andrew, thanks for a beautiful tourmaline, I am very happy to have it!
Inna R., California

Hi Laura,
I received my gemstones today and they are gorgeous.  Unfortunately I’ll be returning the Tsavorite.  It is a lovely and sparkly little stone but it has a few more inclusions than I would like.  The one inclusion along the edge makes me nervous about mounting it in a bezel set pinky ring.  I am so thrilled with the Mali garnets.
They have such incredible sparkle.  I can’t wait to have these mounted into jewelry.
(follow up):
Hi Laura, I thought I would let you know that I’ve decided to keep the Tsavorite.  I just couldn’t bear to return it.  I’ve had it sitting on my end table and it’s been twinkling at me from its case.  Every time I went to package it up for return I would set it back down again.  So it has found its permanent home.
Debbie W., Canada

Hello Laura and Andrew,
Received the stones today, just like you said! They are both lovely; thank you for giving me the opportunity to see them both. I have decided to keep the Portuguese round and return the cushion cut stone. Please send a return authorization number for the cushion cut garnet at your earliest convenience.
Thank you, Kelly, Massachusetts

Hi Laura,
I am absolutely in love with my MT sapphire!!  The blue violet color is exactly how I imagined it and the cut couldn’t be more perfect.  I can’t wait to have it set in my ring so I can show it off! I was wondering if you could send the Gemological Certificate of Authenticity?  Thanks again for a wonderful sapphire, and I look forward to future transactions with Gemfix!
-Kelsey, Oklahoma

Hi Andrew and Laura.  I just got the peridot, and it is superb.  I never cared for peridot before I saw this one.  They’ve always seemed a bit dull to me, but this one looks like it has manganese in it or something, and it is the color of limeade.  Another winner.  Thanks!  Feel free to use my comments any way you wish, and I also want to say again that your cutting brings out the best in a stone, which people usually don’t understand until they see poor or mediocre cutting next to the good stuff! Regards,
Janet, Mississippi

Hi Laura,
I received my order today.  I am thrilled!  I can’t wait to have them made into earrings.  Thank you very much for the quick shipping.  I’ll be sure to buy from you again in the future.
Thanks again, Deborah
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thanks Recd both gemstones. They are Exquisite! Really one of a kind-10.11. Impressed. Keeping both.
Please send the certificates
Jay, Georgia, USA

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to send you a quick note and say that she absolutely LOVES the stone (it was for an engagement ring), and along with the setting that completes the ring, many of her friends are saying its the most gorgeous ring they’ve ever seen. A big thank you for all your help again! I will definitely give you guys first consideration in the future when looking for gemstones, and will refer anyone looking your way!
-Matt, Cleveland Heights, OH

I just got it and had to set it right away. I think the color turned out perfect to go with the setting and small pink saphires. As usual I love the stone, its so sparkly the ring turned out just as I envisioned. Thanks so much Andrew for describing it so well when we were talking, you obviously were reading my mind. Thanks again for all your help,
Sandy, Aiken, SC

Hi Laura!
I hope you got my voicemail earlier. I received the sapphire and I love it. It is truly stunning. I checked it out in all types of light and it is so lovely and sparkly. It is really, really something and I am thrilled to have it for my engagement ring.
I took it to my jeweler today and he was very impressed with the stone too. He’s going to set it in a 14k white gold Stuller setting with 6 prongs…Thanks so much for your help and patience, and please thank Andrew for me as well!
Take care,
Stacy, Atlanta GA

Hi Laura,
I am blown away at my gems! Can’t wait to look at others! I am going to tell all my jewelry friends to shop your site.
Great value and speedy delivery.
Thanks! Vicki, Missouri

Hi Laura,
Yes, I like it a lot, it is really a wonderful stone and cut, thank you!  Andrew mentioned I could get a Certificate of Authenticity if I accepted the gem, can I get that please?  Thanks again.  I am a very satisfied customer and really glad I decided to order from Gemfix, will have to check out the showroom if I am in San Diego sometime.
Nathan, Denver, CO

Hi Laura,
I have attached a photo to share what I did with the spinel that I have purchased last month.  It looks great and I love it!  Thanks again.
Cheers, Jana -Salt Spring Island, Canada

I received my white zircon.  It is a beautiful stone.  Thank you
Marie, Merced CA

I just want to let you know that the 7.1 mm bright blue Montana sapphire arrived today, and as stated in your description it is BRIGHT and fantastic (the hue is lovely too).  It is also so beautifully cut (Portuguese round) that is sparkles like a blue diamond — including a few pink flashes.  I can’t stop looking at it.  As soon as I can afford it, I intend to order another one, or perhaps one of your other beautiful stones.  There are so many to choose from, it is difficult to choose, to say the least.
Regards, Janet D. Missisippi

Hello Laura.
Just recd the gemstone. It is just magnificent/stunning! Keepin it. Who was the cutter on this gem? Please send the certificate. Also interested in the 10ct stone. However will have to wait til January.
Jay V., Suwanee, GA

Hi Laura,
Thanks for rushing out the sapphires last week.  We received them on Friday and decided to keep the lighter colored one…I’ll make sure to leave a positive review on price scope for you too!
Chris C.
Columbus, OH

Hi there Laura, I am so thrilled with my aquamarine – thank you so much for your help!
It arrived quickly, the process was seamless and the stone is so beautiful. The cut and quality are superb.
I had originally picked a setting for the stone prior to it arriving, however, on seeing the stone I have changed my mind. I want the simplest setting possible so that the true feature is the aquamarine. I will be recommending your site to anybody I know that is in the market for gemstones. Thanks again, from a very satisfied customer!
Lynelle J.
Victoria, Australia

Dear Laura and Andrew,
I received the rubellite stone in the mail today and I was totally stunned by the color and cut. Fabulous!
Thank you for the great website and photos.
All the best, Mark B.
Newbury Park, CA

I picked them up this morning from the Post Office.  I missed the mail man yesterday.  They are stunning.  They look just as amazing in person as they do on your webite, maybe even better.  Of course, I will be keeping them.  I was afraid that they would be too dark based on things I have read on Pricescope.  They are not dark at all and shoot off amazing flashes of color.  Glad I didn’t let other peoples opinions sway my decision.  Thanks so much.
Susan I.
Mentor, OH

 Hi Laura,
The Montana sapphire has arrived safe and sound.  I love the color!  Also, the cut is fabulous.  Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Jon, NY

Spinel is received. And I decide to keep it. Here r the feedbacks: Stone looks exactly like pic. Description is accurate. Color clarity brilliance all good. Cut is beautiful although not precise. It s got a bit of dispersion which I din expect.
So that is a bonus

Hello, Received the tourmaline.  Fantastic cut!
Thank you very much.
Karen M.
Ontario, Canada

They got here today.  Ambushed the mailman at the mailbox.  They are stunning and I will definitely be keeping them.
Thanks – Susan, Ohio

I received the stones-they are LOVELY. I will be making a choice today (a really, really tough choice) and returning the remaining stone. I think I need a return number?
thanks,Linda W.
Petaluma, CA

I just got my stone and I love it. It exceeded my expectations. Doing business with you again was a joy.
I have the setting already picked out. I’ll send you a final picture when I get it done.
Sandy J.
Aiken, S.C.

Hi Andrew,
I appreciate your sending the receipt.
The peridot pendant arrived yesterday. My niece loves it and refuses to take it off.
Elliot N.
St. Louis, MO

Andrew , this is the ring I put the beautiful sapphire in. (pic) Thanks for  all the help . It is nice to know the person who cut the stone and the  history behind it.
Scott M.
Rochester, NY

It’s a keeper, thank you guys for making her happy. We love the ruby!
Matt F.
Berkley, MI

Hi Laura, We got the sapphire yesterday, thanks for shipping it out so quickly.  We love it!  Thanks for keeping me informed as they went through the certification process.  I think your new use of pantone colors really does help. Of course, the reality is somewhere between your photo and the pantone color, but it helped me imagine what the stone would look like the week it was shipping.
Thanks again,
~Jacqui S.
Sterling Heights, MI

Hi Laura, The stone is beautiful! I’m looking forward to having it made into a ring.
Thank you,
Lynn Sands
Los Gatos, CA

Laura, I picked up the sapphire from the post office this morning and it took my breath away. Just amazing!
Amanda D.
Riverton. UT

Laura, I really like my tourmaline!  I have to say that I think the pantone references helped.  I got my stone really quick too! Thank you so much.
-Morgan O., Taylor, MI

Laura, I received the gem today.  The color is absolutely perfect.  But the cut… wow… it’s beyond words.  I can’t imagine a gem being more brilliant than this.  Well done.  I’m super happy.  And I’m sure I’ll be shopping with you again in the near future.  Thanks so much.
Alison P., Warwick, RI

Hi Laura – just to let you know I took delivery of the peridot suite yesterday. They are very pretty.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hi Laura,
I finally picked up the package on Tuesday this week. The stone is gorgeous and wonderfully cut. Love it and for sure, it’s a keeper. Thanks so much again and please continue to keep me posted on new stones that are posted.
Margaret S., Sutton, MA

I wanted to very much thank you and your husband for  the absolutely beautiful Sapphire.  my fiancé is been very pleased with it. Now we are simply waiting for a ring to be fashioned using the stone as the centerpiece in Boston Massachusetts. thank you again
Sincerely, Keith W.

Hi Laura,
The peridot is awesome! Thanks so much!
Best wishes
Ruby M., Dobbs Ferry, NY

Hi Laura, The stone arrived safely today (albeit with $500 in duties to be paid), thank you so much. The cut is perfect and the stone is beautiful and I am extremely happy. Thank you so much.
Kind regards, Jaxon R., Johannesburg, South Africa

I  received the sapphire, wow, it is beautiful, up to our expectation! We are very satisfied. Many thanks.  I realized my dream of owning a beautiful sapphire.
Suzelle L., Quebec, Canada

The indicolite has arrived, and what a beauty it is!  Thank you very much for all your help.
Best regards, Jon
Newfield, NY

Andrew, The sapphire arrived today, Just what I was looking for, Beautiful stone. Thanks     Scott –

Hello Laura,
Hope you all enjoyed Tucson.  Wanted to tell you that I loved the pink sapphire.  Very well cut & very nice accurate color.
Sincerely, Susan J

Hi Laura and Andrew,
I got your email dated January 24th informing that the gems were on the way and I had them delivered today. You asked me to let you know how I liked them. It is easy to express myself in three words – I am thrilled. It can be a little bit risky to rely upon a picture shown on a website and be able to imagine what a gem looks like in reality in three dimensions. But the gems are just beautiful and came out more than expectations.
I am also very satisfied how easy the shipment was carried out. I got the message from the Postal Office at the Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) on February 1st asking for documents (order confirmation and my company registration number) for customs clearance and I forwarded these documents on the same day. The fee for customs clearance was only US$ 15! Thank you so much and I think this is the start of a long good business relation.
Sincerely, Rolf
Stockholm, Sweden

Hi Laura,
Ohmygod, this is GORGEOUS.  Not giving this one up!
Thanks again for working with me on the two sapphires.  I would definitely love to do business again.  Though probably wouldn’t be a sapphire, as I think this one is my dream sapphire, search over…  ;)
Best regards-Tanya N.
Foster City, CA

Wow! The ruby got here today and it is GORGEOUS, I love it to bits. It is easily one of my favorite stones and I am completely delighted with its color, cut, pretty much everything. Thank you so much!
Jennifer A.
Philadelphia, PA

So many delays with customs in France but finally i get them !!!!
Thank you, nice gemstones well cut and beautiful color.
Sandra P
Tarn, France

This is a beautiful sapphire.(look like AAA gem)
Thuy P

I love it so consider it sold! Furthermore, do you have any cushion cut sapphires around 1 ct in pink or yellow?
Best regards, Bichlien N.
St Louis, MO

Got the stones. Look Great!
Thanks, Ted A.
Lakewood, CO

Andrew and Laura-
I recently purchased a pair of princess cut montana sapphires–4mm, .97cts total wt.  These were not the ones I had initially ordered, but Andrew suggested another more colorful pair…I agree with him.  I love the color of my birthstone.  I will be keeping the stones which will be intergrated into a ring that my husband gave me.
Patti C.

Dear Laura & Andrew,
I received the peridot yesterday afternoon.  It’s a great stone.
Thank you. Donald B.
Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to let you know that I received the MT Sapphire and customer was elated when I show it to him. I’ll send you pics of the ring when I finish setting it. Andrew, you certainly have talent. VERY nice stone
Josh L.

Hi Laura,
I picked them up today and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! So gorgeous!!! :-D
Took the pink tourmaline and blue zircon to be set in a basket setting – no bale (bail?)- w a simple thin silver box chain thru the prongs so it will sit on point. Those are for my daughter and son’s girlfriend. My ring setting has not yet arrived but I can’t WAIT to get my beautiful stone set :-D :-D  Ah… i love some sparkle!
Thanks again for your help, Carolyn C
Ontario, Canada

Laura —
Just opened the package w/the zircons & you are right — they’re exactly what I hoped!  Great saturation, no zoning & wonderfully brilliant.  Keepers, definitely.  Will send you photos as soon as I get them set — think rose gold is what they’re asking for!
Many thanks — -Laurie W.
Weddington, NC

Hi Andrew,
Charlene loves the necklace and earrings! She has been wearing them and receiving compliments.
Thanks! Elliot N.
St Louis, MO

Hi Andrew,
My ring arrived a short while ago. It  is gorgeous.  It’s so nice to know that there are still people who are honest to deal with,  and do beautiful work as well. Thanks for everything!
Regards, Teresa T.

hi laura,
today I received the stones and i was really satisfied with this fast and easy shipment. I’m lucky with the quality of the stones as well: the fine cut! and the brilliance. on the first look I missed a touch of red at the tourmaline, but the deep pink is also fine for me. it’s a very fiery one. thank you very much! sabine h.
Buchs, Switzerland

andrew –
the sapphire arrived today.  i love it.  it’s perfect for me, despite not being as classically royal blue as the others.  and it stands up way better between diamonds from a light return perspective.
Kareyn S.

I received the stones and am very happy with them.
Steven H
Denver, CO

I got them, and they are beautiful.   They are just a bit lighter and slightly less yellow than the ring (which is 6 carats), but will work well for earrings. Thank you for all your help and patience.   I am a happy customer.
Sherry L.
Bisbee, AZ

Hi there,
I recently purchased a beautiful 8mm peridot from your website and absolutely love it. I’ve purchased peridot jewelry in the past and can honestly say that I’ve yet to see a peridot sparkle the way this stone does. The cutting makes all the difference…and… Hi Laura,
I just wanted to let you know that the tourmaline I ordered arrived safe and sound… I’m absolutely in LOVE with it!  The gem is much nicer in person than could be captured in its photo… The cutting is simply phenomenal! The bright flashes of hot pink…wow…just outstanding. I know some feel that the cut of a colored stone is not quite as important as it is when selecting a diamond, but I beg to differ.  Anyway, I have designed a custom setting for this beauty because I feel like it deserves a proper showcase…and I will most certainly be returning for more of your gemstones!
Thank you, Kim Z.
New York, NY

Hello Andrew & Laura,
Thank you very much for certificates.  I am certain to be purchasing more gems from you but will abstain from visiting you again any time soon so as to alleviate the temptation of purchasing far more than my budget permits.  I know my in-laws will be purchasing a yellow zircon similar to mine.  My mother-in-law has definitely caught the gemstone bug because of your beautiful cuttings. I love my stones and look forward to the day I can visit you again :-)
Best, Vanapha R.
San Diego, CA

Thank you very much, we love it!
Sarah and Oleg
Redmond, WA

Dear Laura:
I came home to find the garnet in my mailbox.  It’s even nicer than your description on the website – quite a beautiful color and it has plenty of sparkle for a smaller stone.  I love that deep, dark raspberry.  And the cutting is perfect.  You can be sure that I’ll be a repeat buyer.
Thanks so much! Roberta S.
Topsham, ME

Hi Laura,
I just wanted to let you know that the tourmaline arrived safely and I am absolutely delighted with it! Your photo is very accurate and the color is perfect. I love all the different shades of blue and green and the brighter blueish flashes as it is rotated around. The faceting is gorgeous! It is definitely a keeper and I will give it a good home.
It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much.
Debby S.
San Ramon, CA

Hi Laura,
It arrived today and I LOVE it.  It’s a little darker than I imagined, but I don’t care because it is so pretty and sparkly and I love how it darkens and lightens in different lighting conditions!  The cut is amazing.  I’m just so pleased and can’t wait to have it set in my engagement ring.  Oh, just in case other UK customers ask, the extra cost at my end was 25%.  20% Value Added Tax and 5% import tax and customs handling fee. Best regards, Steph, Leeds, UK
P.S.  Thanks for packaging it so well too.  I couldn’t believe the size of the box when it arrived lol

Gems are here.  Both spectacular!  Thanks, will come to you and Andrew
again when I need something really nice.
Steve C.
Montgomery, AL

Hi  Laura,
It arrived this afternoon. The sapphire is perfect for the ring I’m making! Thank you so much! I had searched and searched for a stone that was mined and cut in the states. I’m so glad I found you guys!
Thanks again! Eli R.
Portland, O

Hi Laura,
I received the stones yesterday – thanks again for fast shipping. I have a WINNER in this order.  WOW – the blue/green tourmaline is spot on what I was looking for.   I almost didn’t order it – the photo does not do this beauty justice.
St Paul, MN

Thank you!  I received the tourmaline and will enjoy it.  It’s a beautiful color of magenta, and I think your price for it was very reasonable.
Debbie F., Bethesda, MD

I received the stones today and my husband couldn’t wait to take them into our jeweler to have them set.
The stones were beautiful and everything I hoped for.  The color is a perfect match for the pendant I already own. My earrings will be done next week and I’ll send you a picture of them then.
Thanks again,
Becky G.

Hi Laura,
I got the amethyst.  It is exquisite!  Everything I had hoped for.  Thank you so much.
Tom T., Maynard, MA

Kay P., New Zealand

Hi Andrew,
The tourmaline arrived Monday, It is beautiful!!!  Nice color variation, clean & nicely cut.  Thank you!  Will definitely shop your website again & recommend it to my gemhound friends.
Best Regards,
Barbara M.

When my Susan got the little aqua I had re-set she was over the top and so were her co-workers  she had me send it to her at work  !!! ???  Anyway, because of all the high polished  white gold surrounding the stone and the pave diamonds the stone looked even lighter when set.   ! ! !  Well that is what she wanted.  She said it is the first time she has ever liked her birthstone. Thanks for meeting my needs.
Til the next time, again thanks
C. Bjornstrom

Hi.  I just wanted to share the after photos of my aquamarine ring – I am in love – Hunt Country Jewelers in Hillsboro, VA did the design and they were fantastic.  I have been spoiled – between the amazing aquamarine I purchased from you guys to the fantastic work that Ed did on my ring – I’ll never buy store jewelry again.
Thanks so much!
Jessyca H., Hillsboro, Virginia

Hi Laura,
I received the stone yesterday. It looks great. Thank You! I am a happy customer….
I will send a picture of the finished product
Sharilyn F., St. Louis, MO

Dear Laura and Andrew,
I just wanted to thank you again for the gorgeous pink spinel #204, I purchased a few months ago.
Here is the finally ring design – sorry it’s not a “professional photo”.
Warmest Regards,
Laura K.

Hi Andrew: I hope all is well with you and Laura and I hope I’ll see you at the Tucson show again this year. That gorgeous 10.5 mm Pakistani peridot you cut, it is now in a beautiful ring from Julia Kay Taylor Jewelry. Click, the link below, it will take you to her rings gallery, the scroll down to the last ring—that is your beautiful peridot I’m so happy with it!
You cut a great portuguese cut, Andrew. Wonder what I’ll be buying from you this year?!!?!
Best to you/Laura
—Christina G.

Good morning Andrew,
Thank you so much for following up with USPS for me.  The gemstones arrived this morning and they are exquisite!
Best regards,
Carl B.

Ruby Shipped
Hi Laura,
I just received it and I am very happy with it. The color is beautiful – very soft and the cut ( i guess it’s called portuguese cut) is quite something. thank you very much
Vladan Y., Marina Del Rey, CA

I picked up the package today. The sapphires are great! I’m keeping them.
Please send me the Certificate of Authenticity.
Maria S., Arlington, VA

Just a note to say you have the most beautiful stones and a great web site
Bill C., Horsham, PA

Dear Laura,
The amethyst just got here and it’s PERFECT! Thank you so much,
Barbara E., New York, NY

As usual the stones look great!  I’m keeping all of them.  Please send me the Certificates of Authenticity.
Thank you.

Hi Laura and Andrew,
We received the gemstones today as they had taken a while to get through customs. I’d just like to say thank you for all your help and excellent customer service. The gem stones are exactly as described but we couldn’t imagine how fantastic they were until we saw them ourselves. Our compliments to Andrew- the cut is outstanding and really shows them at their best. I’m sure you’ll hear from us again (just need to save up!).
Cheers, Pete & Udeka, England

Hi Laura,
The gemstones have now arrived and they are lovely! Thanks very much,
Carl, Canada

Hello Andrew
My fiance loves the sapphire we purchased from you last week. I am growing to admire it more and more as well. Thank you so much for your helpful service! It was such a pleasure and made our engagement shopping memorable and we still talk of it fondly. I am thinking of getting her matching sapphires for earrings to go with her engagement ring. Do you have any that would go well with this gem? I can come into the store this thurs or fri Thanks again and hope to see you soon!
Joseph O., California

Laura, the stone is beautiful … great color and a very good cut.  Everyone seems impressed that a Mozambique cuprian stone could rival a Brazilian Paraiba. Thanks again,

Hi Laura,
It arrived this afternoon. The sapphire is perfect for the ring I’m making! Thank you so much! I had searched and searched for a stone that was mined and cut in the states. I’m so glad I found you guys!
Thanks again!
Eli R., Portland, OR

Gems are here.  Both spectacular!  Thanks, will come to you and Andrew again when I need something really nice.
Steve C., Montgomery, AL

Stones look great. Thanks.
Ted A., Lakewood, CO

Hello Laura,
Thank you! It arrived last night and is gorgeous. I really like the color, and the cutting is great.
Shiri S., Brooklyn, NY

Good morning Andrew,
I have finally gotten around to taking a photo of the ring I had made with the amethyst stone we bought from you a year ago.  Thought you’d like to see the final result.
Regards, Chuck N.

Hi Laura,
It arrived today and I LOVE it.  It’s a little darker than I imagined, but I don’t care because it is so pretty and sparkly and I love how it darkens and lightens in different lighting conditions!  The cut is amazing.  I’m just so pleased and can’t wait to have it set in my engagement ring.
Best regards, Stephanie B., Leeds, UK

Hello Laura,
I’m just e-mailing you to let you know that I have received the sapphires and they are BEAUTIFUL!
If I may ask, do you know who cut them? The cut is wounderful! Thanks again,
Raquel M., Bowie, MD

I picked up the stone from the post office yesterday morning and it’s just beautiful.  Love the cut, color, size, everything, and it was definitely well represented by the picture.  It will make a lovely ring. Thanks for your help.  Hopefully I can find an excuse to buy from you in the future. :)
Thanks again,
Sarah L., Mt. Juliet, TN

Hi Laura and Andrew,
It took forever at the Belgium customs, but the spinel arrived yesterday: it is very pretty! Thank you.
Kind regards,
Ingrid V.

Hi Laura,
Just wanted to let you know that I’ve received my stone and I am very satisfied with it!  It’s more beautiful in person for sure. I had it appraised independently and I was thrilled to find that it lives up to all of your representations.
You have definitely earned my trust and I will look to your company first for loose gemstones in the future.
Thanks for all of your help.
Alex O., Bryn Mawr, PA

“In my first purchase from Gemfix, I was very impressed with the quality of my Emerald purchase and expeditious shipment. A subsequent independent appraisal resulted in a very high grading. In summary, I fully believe Gemfix is a first rate, very reputable dealer in fine gemstones. I give Gemfix my highest recommendation!”
—Steve B., Minneapolis, MN

“Add me to your list of satisfied customers. I was apprehensive about ordering something like a gemstone over the internet. I called your business with questions and found you to be very open and understanding about my concerns. Then the stone arrived. Beautiful! And every bit as lovely and rich in color as the picture suggested. I was delighted and pleasantly surprised. I’ll be telling my friends about you (and I’ll be coming back!).
—L. Stone, Evansville, IN”

“I recently purchased a couple of gemstones from you and didn’t want to wait until I returned from my business trip to let you know I received them. I ordered using email and you shipped the gemstones to me in New Jersey. I just wanted to let you know that I received the aquamarine and the pair of matched 8mm citrines. The stones are beautiful and I am extremely happy with your products. My jeweler has also attested that the stones are really nice and she especially likes the aquamarine. I will definitely be back for additional stones in the future.
Thank you,”
—Dottie G., New Jersey

“They arrived yesterday. They are beautiful. Thank you so much. I hope to do more business with y’all in the future. Thanks”
—Stanley, Birmingham, AL,

I received the zircon (and matched pair I sent to you), today. The stone is lovely. I am very pleased and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in finding the perfect stone.
Again, many thanks, the stone is perfect with the pair!
—Dianne R. S.

I absolutely love the Demantoid Garnet and intend on keeping it. Hence, it can be marked “SOLD” on the website. I expect to purchase more stones from you all in the near future.Thanks,
—Cindy A.

Andrew went out of his way to provide me with the color, cut and size Aquamarine stone I needed.  He called me to confirm not just the facts of what I wanted, but the feelings I had regarding color and cut, and why.  And this was a very small purchase.  But he treated me as if I  were ordering a huge stone for royalty.
The next time I am ready to order a gemstone, I will rely on Andrew to advise me.  Thanks again
—Carolyn B, Oregon

I received the stones today and my husband couldn’t wait to take them into our jeweler to have them set.
The stones were beautiful and everything I hoped for.  The color is a perfect match for the pendant I already own. My earrings will be done next week and I’ll send you a picture of them then. Thanks again,
—Becky G.

Thank you!  I received the tourmaline and will enjoy it.  It’s a beautifulcolor of magenta,
and I think your price for it was very reasonable.

Received my garnet today. Beautiful!!! A special thank you for the documenation you send with your gemstones.
The cut is beautiful with excellent quality! Again Thank You!
—Virginia S.

Just a note to let you know I received the Tanzanite today.  It is lovely.
It has a nice mix of blue and violet and the cut is very precise. Best regards,
—Barbara S.

Hi Andrew, I rec’d my order of the loose aquamarine cushion gem.  Wow!  The photo just doesn’t project the sparkling brilliance and sky blue color, features that will insure a winning centerpiece as a 36th wedding anniversary present to my wife.  I will see the jewelry manufacturer tomorrow to look for the right 18K gold setting.  I have 16 calibrated diamonds for him to use if he wants to surround the stone. My wife saw the gemstone and was excited at the prospect of it in a ring.  She has lots of jewelry but none have an aquamarine. I will be back for sure.
—Steve C., Honolulu, HI

Hi Andrew,
I received my parcel today and I am totally in love with the pink spinel. The cutting and the fire that comes out of that stone is astounding and it looks almost like a pink diamond. I can wait to have it set so that I can wear it. The strawberry pink Spinel is gorgeous too, but not quite the right size for the side stones I have on hand. I’m going to sleep on it tonight, but I may end up returning the strawberry spinel. Aside from returning it within 7days via insured post, are there any additional instructions that I need to to follow? As always, quite pleased and will definitely return to purchase more stones in the future. Thanks…and… I’ve decided to keep the strawberry colored spinel. It’s too pretty to let go of and I figured this’ll just be a good excuse to redesign the piece :) Cheers,
—Cindy A.

Thank you for looking up the status of my order on USPS and leaving me a voicemail yesterday.
I never got the notice from the mail carrier – don’t know why. I picked up my order yesterday and the tourmaline looks great – very true color and brightness to the description on your web site.  The cut is beautiful.  I am definitely keeping this gem. Thanks again for your help and for creating such beautiful cuts on color gemstones.
—Maria S, Arlington, VA

The order arrived today, thanks for checking.  The stones are perfect and of course will credit your cut on the blue/green tourmaline.   I am a strong supporter of copyright – mine and other artist’s.   It is so important that  artist’s as a group always do so.
—Anne L., New Orleans, LA

“Gemfix has always been the best source for quality service and quality gems.”
—Arthur Master Goldsmith, La Jolla, CA

“Jewels By Tashne has been doing business with Andrew at Gemfix for a number of years. Andrew has proven himself to be a good businessman, his service is very dependable and his work is excellent.”
—Jewels By Tashne, Del Mar, CA

“I have known and done business with Andrew (at Gemfix) since 1994 and I highly recommend his services. He is an excellent gemcutter and gives prompt and very professional service. His abilities are beyond Exceptional!”
—Severiano R. Castro, Graduate Gemologist, C.D.G., Flagstaff, AZ

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