Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphires are available in many shades and tones, ranging from light Ceylon 'cornflower' blue to an intense royal blue and all different shades of blue in between. Despite the huge gems in museums and Royal collections, sapphires available on the market are of a more modest size. Sapphires of the top blue color over 5 carats, if clean, are rare and expensive. Next to diamond, sapphire and ruby (both corundum) is the hardest mineral known and is very compact and dense. As a result, sapphires and rubies are tough and relatively scratch-resistant. That's why, in addition to their beauty, sapphires and rubies are two of the best jewelry stones. Traditionally, sapphires are usually associated with the color blue. In modern times however, other colors of sapphires: pink, yellow, purple, orange, "padparadscha", white and green are getting more and more popular, some of them reaching very high prices. On this page you will find a number of current BLUE sapphires selected from our stock for gem presentation.

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