Montana Sapphire - "Born in the USA"

Montana sapphires are mined in, you guessed it, the state of Montana, USA. They were discovered in Montana in the late 1800's by a gold miner working on one of the gravel bars on the Missouri River near Helena. Raw material is getting scarce, the Montana sapphires on these pages are from many years of collecting. Montana sapphires have remarkable color and brilliance. The unique color of blue Montana sapphires reminds you of a favorite pair of jeans -or your favorite pair of blue eyes! Usually lacking in purple tones, they exhibit a gray tint and are notorious color shifters, colors varying with the light source they are under. They come in other colors, like orange, yellow, green, apricot, pink and colorless. There are some colors from Montana that are found nowhere else in the world. Sizes over 6mm are extremely rare! Like all sapphires, Montana sapphires are tough and relatively scratch-resistant and make great jewelry stones. All of the Montana sapphires we offer below were cut in the US, most of them here in San Diego by Andrew Gulij. Our Montana sapphires have never left the country!

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