OPAL, one of the most popular of all gems is the birthstone for the month of October. The value of opal lies to a degree in the size of the stone but mostly in the colors it displays. Some people are not big fans of opals. Why? Because they are familiar with opals seen only in the discount jewelry stores which look like blobs of frozen milk! Those stones show almost no color beside white. Don't believe it if someone tries to convince you that you have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for a nice opal with great color play. Check our opals, please, and see for yourself what you can get for your money.

We are very excited to present a large selection of Ethiopian opal. This is a fairly new discovery of hydrophane opal from Wegel Tena, Wollo (aka Welo) Ethiopia. It rivals the beauty of Australian opal! Please be assured the material we offer is of the highest quality, untreated, crystal (transparent to semi-translucent) base, and translucent white base opal.

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