Tanzanite is a violet-blue gemstone from the zoisite family, it was discovered in Tanzania, East Africa in the mid-1960's. Tanzanite has been adopted as a December birthstone by the American Gem Trade Association, joining turquoise and zircon.
From AGTA: "Among the important gems discovered in the last 90 years, only one has been added to the official birthstone list: Tanzanite, a violetish-blue gem that often resembles fine sapphire. ....Discovered in Tanzania in the mid-1960s, tanzanite is mined only in the large hilltop area where it was first found. To honor its single-source availability, Tiffany & Co., which introduced tanzanite to the world in 1968, named it after its East African birthplace....Amending the birthstone list is like amending the Constitution. There's got to be compelling reason and wide support. The last time the birthstone list was revised was 1912, when jewelry industry leaders met to give gems discovered since the formulation of the traditional list a shot at birthstone status." (American Gem Trade Association)

NOTE: Stones on this page were photographed under 5000 Kelvin "daylight" lighting. For maximum color accuracy, descriptions were made in north-facing natural daylight, indoors, between 11am-2pm, at 32.89°N latitude.
COLOR: Wherever possible, a similar Pantone Color Card number has been used, NOT the Pantone colors online, which necessarily use RGB approximations, are grayer, and not at all the same. Since color is so subjective to lighting conditions, and daylight is in turn subjective to location, descriptions and pictures are intended to give a general idea of actual color. To know what these stones really look like, there is no substitute for seeing them in person.