Green and Blue Tourmaline

Green is regarded as the classic tourmaline color. However, even among green tourmalines, there is a broad spectrum. Some of them are very light, others so dark that the green color can only be recognized when the stone is held against a light. There are green tourmalines in fine leek hues, but also in intense yellowish-green, olive green and brownish-green. Especially wonderful are tourmalines ranging from blue-green to bottle-green. These, indeed, are its best colors, rare and much sought-after. Green tourmalines are very popular as precious stones among women, but many men like wearing them too. (ICSA) Indicolites are blue tourmalines, and are highly esteemed by collectors. They are at their most valuable when they show an intense, clear, radiant blue which is not too dark. Most Indicolites, however have a more or less noticeable touch of green.

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