“Unusual Cuts" line of award winning gemstones by Andrew Gulij - Winner of AGTA Cutting Edge Awards

Original Carvings, GEM-INTRUSION©™ and Stellar™ Cut

The “GEM-INTRUSION”©™ technique consists of precisely inserting solid colored gemstones into a faceted and carved transparent host gem. The result is a play of colors like a visual kaleidoscope, a gem with internal "fireworks". The “Stellar”™ Cut by Andrew Gulij was developed to make large gemstones wearable, while maintaining exquisite brilliance. Large, precision cut gems are very deep on the bottom, and thus difficult to set in comfortable pieces of jewelry. The “Stellar”™ Cut makes beauty and function co-exist. When compared side-by-side to traditionally faceted stones of the same circumference, the “Stellar”™ Cut gem is 40-60% shallower, but retains incredible fire and glowing brilliance.

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