We have been in the gemstone business full-time for over 25 years. We have dealt with thousands of gemstones of every variety. As an experienced cutter, Andrew has a more intimate knowledge of gemstones and their properties than your average gem “dealer” or jeweler. He knows gems “inside out”, so to speak. His expertise and award winning cutting have earned him an outstanding reputation in the gem industry. Today, unique gemstones cut by Andrew can be seen in galleries and collections in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. Nearly all our stones were cut by Andrew from rough or from gems that he re-cut for maximum beauty, brilliance, and color. We carefully examine every stone we buy, and occasionally, we will find one where the cut meets our exacting standards, and we will leave it as it is.

Our Story…
We are a 2 person show running our family-owned small business. We cut the stones, photograph them, answer e-mails and phone calls, package and ship everything ourselves, and maintain our own website too! We have an office and showroom in downtown San Diego that we work from. You are warmly welcomed to visit, see our inventory for yourself, and meet us in person!
Andrew: “I started cutting stones for a San Diego company called Oplex soon after coming to the United States from Poland. Later, Laura and I married, and after years of long hours cutting thousands of stones, we decided together to open our own shop. Pooling our life savings, we opened Gemfix in September of 1993. Located in the Jewelers Exchange building in the Historic Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, our main customers back then were large wholesale jewelers and retail jewelry stores, whose gems we fixed! Through the years, business evolved to more walk-in customers and in 1998 we expanded into cyberspace, launching our website Gemfix.com. (Coincidentally, this was the same year eBay went public!) Internet shopping was in its infancy back then, and all connections were ‘dial-up’. A lot has changed since then, but looking back, it has proved to be one of the best moves we ever made.”
Laura: “Andrew is the real gem genius, behind the faceting machines. I am the one behind the computer, answering e-mail inquiries, sending shipping confirmations and writing up the descriptions for our inventory. With a background in sales, I find great satisfaction in matching up a customer with their “perfect” stone. I get to be part of the most special occasions in people’s lives, engagement stones, anniversary gifts and all sorts of special occasion markers. I love when people send me photos of settings they have created for their stones, or tell me how the proposal went, or what she said when she saw the earrings. They feel like I have been a part of the process, and want to share with me the final product of their journey. That is the absolute best part of my job!”

We hope you enjoy browsing our site, if something catches your eye, shoot us an email, we are always happy to help. If you are planning a trip to the San Diego area and are interested in our gems, please call or email to set up an appointment. We would love to meet you in person!