Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me more pictures, or videos?
We provide 2 pictures on our site, one super magnified under 5000 Kelvin “daylight” balanced fluorescent light to show any inclusions or flaws, another taken on hand for scale and proportion.
We are currently adding video too; considering the size of our inventory of gems, this is going to be a long process. If the stone you are interested in does not yet have video, please be patient, we’re working on it!
Still, most of our customers agree that using the Pantone color references when available and/or the written descriptions is far more accurate than multiple photos or video taken at our location. Light conditions vary geographically, and colors can appear very differently on individual screens and monitors. We purposely take photos under a reproducible “neutral” type light and not daylight, since the daylight conditions in San Diego don’t necessarily represent anyone else’s local conditions. (For a brief article on the many variations of “daylight”, see “Light and Color 101” here: gemstone-facts )
There is no substitute for seeing a colored gemstone in person, in your unique lighting and surroundings, that’s why we offer a 7 day inspection period to review your purchase.
If you are trying to narrow down your choices, please contact us with your criteria and we will do our best to help!
Can you to ship to another address?
We are only permitted to ship to a cardholder’s billing address because of fraud protection protocols our processing bank requires. Please save time and enter only your billing address on your order; your order will not go through if you enter any address other than the billing address your credit card company has on file. Please see our Shipping Policy page for more details: shipping-returns
Do you have a store?
Yes! We are located in the Jewelers Exchange in San Diego’s historic Gaslamp District. If you are or will be in San Diego, please call for an appointment! Colored gems are not our hobby or part time job, this is our full-time family-owned business, and has been since 1991.
Do you have sales or offer discounts?
We price everything we sell as low as we possibly can right from the beginning. After decades in the business we are very familiar with the fair market value of our stones. We don’t mark up our stones so that we can then have “sales” or offer “discounts”. In this way, you can be sure you are getting our very best price all the time.
Do you offer layaway, or “hold” stones with a partial payment?
Since we have all of our online inventory also on display at our San Diego store, we are unable to place holds on stones. We operate on a first-come-first-served basis so that the first customer with money in hand can make a purchase, whether they are ordering online or walking in the store. We do accept credit cards!
Can you to ship to my jeweler?
If you order the item, we cannot ship it to a jeweler, or other third party (see above). If you want your jeweler to order the item for you, they must purchase it, have it shipped to their confirmed billing address, review it on your behalf, and decide if you will like it or not within the 7 day period.
Obviously, we don’t recommend this!
Do you ship internationally? The shopping cart does not allow me to enter another country
Yes, we do ship internationally ship to Australia, Canada, the UK, and some EU countries with value restrictions, please see our shipping policies page: shipping-returns
Do all your stones come with GIA or AGL Reports (certificates)?
Many of them do, and it will be noted in the description. We stand behind everything we sell and guarantee that our stones are as described. If you decide to send one off for certification, we guarantee it will come back certified as we described it, if not, you can return it to us for your money back, including the cost of certification.
Can you custom cut a stone for me?
We no longer do any custom cutting.